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Top 4 Back Stretches

Studies have shown that lower back pain is the second leading cause of disability, with 70% of US sufferers, and 45% of European afflicted treating chronic pain with opioid medications. Using a Nubax traction device for just ten minutes a day can significantly lower the need for medications, providi

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Top Benefits of Treating Back Pain

Aches and pains can often hinder our daily activities and if you have ever had back pain, you will know how debilitating it can be! Back pain can be consistent and generalised, or intense and localised depending on the cause. Sometimes rest can improve the condition and other times rest only worsens

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Nubax In Conjunction With…

As the weather finally changes to beautiful blue-sky days, the urge to get out and about to enjoy the sunshine is heightened! Sufferers of back pain however, know all too well that certain activities are out of the question as they exacerbate the pain and inflammation of an already tender condition.

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What is Pain?

It would be safe to say that every adult has experienced some form of back pain or ache at least once in their life. But what is back pain and what mechanisms are involved that cause the aches? Here is a little more information to help you understand pain better, and some tips on how to combat it

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Get back to life with a back traction device

Modern life is stressful enough. For people suffering with back pain and discomfort, completing everyday tasks can be a challenge. Activities like going to work, cleaning the home and even spending time with friends and family can seem daunting.With 1 in 6 Australians now reporting back pain, it

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